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What are the role of decoration project?

What are the role of decoration project?

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2018/11/20 18:51
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1, to meet the requirements of the use function
The ultimate goal of any space are used to
To complete a certain function.Decoration engineering according to the requirement of the function is the function of the existing architectural space appropriate adjustments, so that the architectural space can provide better service for the function.
2, meet people's requirement for aesthetic
People in addition to the space has the function of request, also the beauty of space requirements, this requirement with the development of the society and improve quickly.This requires decoration project has been completed,
Not only to complete the needs of using function, but also meet the aesthetic requirements of users.
3, protect building structure
Decoration project will not damage the original structure, but also in the process of building without good protection for added protection.The influence of natural factors,
Such as cement products will become loose, because of the action of atmospheric will due to oxidation and corrosion of steel, wood will be susceptible to microbial erosion and decay.The influence of artificial factors, such as in use process
Due to collision, wear and tear, and the role of water, fire, acid, alkali and can make the structure damage.Decoration engineering with modern decoration materials and the scientific and reasonable construction technology,
Coating construction of building structure effectively, from the wind and rain, moisture attack and harmful medium corrosion and damage of mechanical action, to protect the building
Structure, enhance the durability, prolonging the service life of the building.