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Job Offers

Job Offers

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Business representative

Job Responsibilities:

1. Maintain good professional ethics and strive to maintain the company's image.

2. Familiar with the basic information of various real estates on the market, including the location of the community, the size of the community, and the characteristics of the house type.

3. Strive to cooperate with the designer's feedback and follow-up on business information, do a good job of communication bridge between designers and customers, actively participate in the talks, and improve the signing rate.

4. Actively complete the various performance indicators issued by the company.

5. Make full use of existing customer resources and conduct word-of-mouth marketing.

6. Accurately locate customer groups, target the target market, and develop and establish new customer information through various channels such as salespersons, property and developers.

7. Keep abreast of customer needs and industry trends and actively make reasonable responses.

8. Proactively complete the tasks assigned by the superiors and report the results in a timely manner.



1, 20-30 years old, clear mouth, fluent in Mandarin, voice is infectious;

2. Have a high enthusiasm for sales work;

3. Have strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;

4, tough personality, quick thinking, good resilience and pressure bearing capacity;

5. Have a keen market insight, a strong sense of professionalism, a sense of responsibility and a positive work attitude. Relevant work experience is preferred.


business manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop market development strategies and provide market development information.

2. Go deep into the market, understand and master market information, and establish good cooperative relations with customers and the same industry (heat industry);

3, often go deep into the real estate, understand the situation of the situation and the needs of customers.

4, often go to the construction site to familiarize with the construction technology, material circuit, waterway and other home improvement and tooling knowledge

5, according to the sales plan, ready to locate the market, need to find potential customer sources, and timely adjust the strategy as needed

6. Sales team building to help establish, supplement, develop and train sales teams



1, 28-40 years old, college degree or above, have good professional ethics, excellent conduct, high comprehensive quality;

2. Have more than 2 years experience in the decoration industry;

3. Strong writing ability and strong expression ability;

4. Strong market development and sales skills;

5, with excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit, the formation and training team has rich experience, and the previous sales performance is good;

6. Have strong time management ability and work management ability;

7, there are good inter-personal resources in the decoration industry.


project manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the preparation and implementation of the decoration project plan to ensure that the construction tasks are completed as planned;

2. Organize and supervise the implementation and improvement of the construction quality and safety of the project;

3. Responsible for organizing, coordinating and managing the construction management activities of on-site professionals and project contractors;

4. Organize personnel to inspect the construction site and propose rationalization of the engineering design during the decoration construction process;

5. Responsible for the coordinated management of on-site construction and establish cooperation with the owners, supervisors, construction teams and other parties.



1. College degree or above in engineering, civil engineering, architecture, interior decoration, etc.;

2, 2 years of work experience, can independently host interior decoration projects;

3. Experience in decoration management is preferred;

4. Proficient in the construction process, process flow, decoration materials and construction points of each type of work in the interior;

5, skilled use of OFFICE / AUTOCAD and other office software;

6. Proficient in the construction organization and implementation and control of the project, proficient in cost, quality, schedule and other controls;

7. Good language expression and communication skills, strong data analysis ability, word processing ability and data management ability.

8, familiar with the corresponding qualification certificate is preferred.

9, can travel frequently.


Tooling interior designer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Understand customer needs and provide customers with a full set of design solutions;

2. Provide customers with the design and drawing of the entire project and the price and budget of the main and auxiliary materials;

3. Complete customer negotiations and sign relevant contracts with customers;

4. Cooperate with the engineering department to provide technical support for the construction, regularly inspect the construction site, monitor the construction progress and quality, and actively communicate with the customers to solve problems in the construction.



1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture, environmental art or interior design;

2. Have more than three years of work experience in the decoration company.

3, there are excellent customer cases, design case winners are preferred;

4, have excellent negotiation skills and communication skills, can meet the needs of different customers' decoration design;

5, skilled in relevant software, proficient in various process and various main materials;

6, with team spirit and customer service awareness