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Service Process

Service Process

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1. Initial consultation of the decoration customer


Decoration intention customers can consult through the Dashan 24-hour decoration hotline, Dashan customer service staff will be happy to serve you.


2. Project contact, clear cooperation rules


Dashan Business Manager will discuss face-to-face with you, clarify the rules of cooperation (workflow, work content, price standards, delivery methods, working hours, etc.) and request project materials (building plan, design requirements, investment budget, etc.).


Based on your project situation, Dashan Business Manager will carefully select the right designer to visit the project site site, and communicate with you deeply about the design requirements, and agree with you to submit the intention design time.



3. Intentional design


The designer will analyze the customer, design positioning, design layout planning and intention plan. And plan the project design time and investment budget.


Business managers and designers will give you a presentation, explain and explain, face-to-face interaction and collect feedback. Modify the plan until you determine the design direction and cooperation.



4. Signing a design and construction contract


After the intention plan is confirmed, you will sign a project cooperation agreement with Dashan and pay the design gold. The designer will complete the design deepening work for the intention plan and provide the space design effect picture. After the effect picture is confirmed, a full set of construction drawings will be provided. Material list and detailed construction quotation form.


After the customer confirms the construction quotation, we will sign a construction contract with you.


5, Dashan approach construction


The Dashancheng Supervisory Board will go through the formalities with you and start work after receiving your first phase of construction. The project supervision shall conduct on-site management and supervise the quality and progress of the project during the construction of the project.


6, quality and quantity completion acceptance


After the completion of the quality and quantity of the project, Dashan Engineering Supervision will carry out the whole experience and acceptance according to the national and industry standards. If it fails or fails to meet your requirements, it will be rectified within the time limit to meet the acceptance criteria. The acceptance will be signed by the acceptance checklist to settle the project, and provide you with the completion technical documents, project engineering warranty and construction key.


7, 24-hour lifetime VIP service


After the project is completed, in addition to enjoying the after-sales service provided by the state, Dashan will also assign you a regular customer service regular return visit, providing one-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance VIP service.


Dashan provides you with a 24-hour all-day response to lifetime maintenance VIP service guarantee